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A Conversation on Class, Race and War

Really good stuff here. Check it out –   Acronymtv.com relies on donations to sustain quality programming that isn’t dictated by corporate money. To support them, go to http://www.patreon.com/Acronymtv and […]

Celebrating Filipino American History Month

As a Filipina-American growing up in one of the whitest suburbs outside Philly, I didn’t really have any friends who looked like me or shared my unique Filipino sense of […]

Arts and Entertainment: A Review of American Promise

A review of American Promise: a documentary about 2 black youths and their journey in US education. To be followed around with a camera for 13 years, from the age […]

How much progress do YOU think we’ve made?

50 years ago, people marched on Washington for jobs and freedom. But how far have we come since? Take this quiz and find out.

March for Trayvon | July 15, 2013 | NYC

Zimmerman’s Trial Goes Live

Jury selection is currently underway while the Martin family tries to do damage control on the media’s appalling “victim-blaming” rampage against Trayvon. According to Global Grind, one NYPD detective said that […]